Here at David Comrie and Son, we have been obsessed with procuring the finest meats Scotland has to offer for as long as we can remember. The business itself was established during the reign of King George IV – that’s over 200 years experience! So, as you can imagine, we’re pretty good at what we do. The current head honcho and seventh generation butcher is Murray Lauchlan. Murray, having been a full-time butcher since he was just 15 years old, has always been passionate about sourcing local produce and strives to shorten the distance our food travels from field to table. This forms part of our mission to educate our customers and the next generation that food does not simply just magically appear in a shop window.

“For me, being a Butcher is so much more than simply selling meat. We know we have a special responsibility to offer our customers nutritious, honestly produced food from animals raised with care and skill and to support our local farmers and the vital role they play in managing our local environment” …

“We work with some incredibly dedicated farmers that we know and trust, who have the highest standards of animal welfare and whose farms and animals we are familiar with. These partnerships are an essential part of our story and the reason you can have absolute confidence in the meat we sell.” Murray

Whilst the formula of fantastic meat starts in the field, there are many elements that affect quality that lie in the hands of our butchery team. This ranges from hanging and rotating the meat, to the skilled butchers putting the finishing touches to every pork chop and Sunday roast. We dry-age all of our beef in-house to a minimum of 28 days to produce outstanding steaks and roasting joints to cater for every palate. Also, our expert team work hard to create a huge variety of generous pastries, cooked meats and prepared dishes for our shop. In what began almost by chance – a way of putting unsold meat to good use – homemade bakes have become a hugely popular part of our business.